Sambhavnath Bhagwan

श्री संभवनाथ भगवान 

 His parents king Jitari and queen Senadevi were ruling at Sravasti in the eastern half  of Bharata - varsha. He was born on the 4th day of the bright half of Margasirsha with a horse as his emblem.  Because of a bumper crop (samba), he was named SAMBHAVANATHA.

On the attainment of  youth, he was duly married and enthroned.  One day while he was seated on the throne, he felt the need for renunciation.  "Rare is the acquistion of the human frame," he thought, "and unlucky is  he who uses it not in the upliftment of the spirit." Meanwhile the  AUKANTIKA gods appeared and  reminded him of his mission.  He was initiation fast by an offering from king Surendra.  On the completion of penance and hard life, he attained the knowledge of the free.  He established the  four orders and named 102 GANADHARAS.He attained liberation on the Sammeta Sikhara by a holy fast, followed by a thousand monks in a similar course.


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